Pension & Retirement Benefits

This office looks after the work of ariving at pension, retirement benefits and subsequent revision of pension for employees retiring from Department of Communications, MTNL & VSNL.  

Consequent on the creation of MTNL for providing Telecom Services in Mumbai and Delhi and the promulgation of Rule 37A of the CCS Pension Rules, as per which the Government has taken the responsibility for payment of pension to the erstwhile government servants absorbed in the PSU. This Office is responsible for budgeting of pension expenditure and authorization and issue of Pension Payment Orders for Telecom pensioners including those retiring from MTNL Mumbai. It liaisons with banks and post offices to ensure proper application of rules and regulations and for smooth disbursement of pensions of government retirees. This office also functions as Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) and Life Certfication for pensioners retired from MTNL.

Details of pensioners is as follows -

  1. IDA PENSIONERS UPTO 31.01.2023                   :          25348
  2. CDA PENSIONERS UPTO 31.01.2023                  :          4581
  3.  VSNL PENSIONERS UPTO 31.01.2023               :          2262



Life Certification (Staggering)

 DoT, vide letter no. 28-10/TA-1/2014/2052-53 Dated 26/07/2018, conveyed the approval for staggering of Life Certificate / Digital Life Certificate for MTNL pensioners whose pension is being disbursed directly by CCA, Mumbai. As per provisions of this order CCA, Mumbai began staggering exercise w.e.f. 01/04/2019. The following is the month wise statistic of no. of pensioners completing Life Certification :


           November 2022   :    4844

             December 2022   :    2106

            January 2023    :        7218




1. Details of pension cases settled in the month in below format
List of pension cases settled during (month)(year)
SL.NO PPO No Name Designation Unit Date of Retirment / Death Sanction Date Type of case
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2. Details of Transfer in/Transfer out cases in the month
Tranfer in Cases of PPO`s settled during (month)(year)
SL.NO Pensioner Name/Designation/PPO No Received From Endorsed To Date of Despatch
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3. Details of Pension Revision Cases
Pension Revision cases settled during (Status as on dd-mm-yyyy)
SL.NO Name PPO NO DOR/DOD Designation SSA Date of Despatch
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