1. Pensioners Lounge come Museum

We in O/o Pr. CCA Mumbai contain one Pensioners Lounge where pensioners can come, sit and relax with their friends and its main motive is to sort out there concerns at the same time, this lounge comes with a kind of Museum where they can experience all antique instruments that they had used in their office time. As it contains old typewritter, different kind of electric calculators,dictation phones, coin telephone, different types of shields etc.

2. Health and Fitness

The maintenance of health and fitness helps a person to be in the general state of health and well-being.  People are being more conscious towards their health and fitness as time changes. Keeping this in mind, we in Pr. CCA Mumbai office provides the facility of multi gym which is a great way to motivate the staff to get fit without having to interact with sweaty strangers. A gym is a great idea if you've got the space and our staff can avail this facility to stay fit, enthusiastic and fresh throughout the day.

3. Sports and games

Sports and games are very important for us. They keep us healthy and fit. They offer us a change from the monotony of daily life. As they say, Sports and games are means of mental and physical growth.Sports infrastructures are being developed everywhere so as to promote them and likewise, we also organise sports meet every year for our staff members and for other offices as well to keep them motivated, healthy, strong and active. We have our own cricket team which represents our office every year in sports meet. Various sport organizations are also doing well in promotion of sports and this is our bit to do the same.

4. Office Library

Books are believed to be the best friend of a man with no demands and no complaints.  They never lie to them and always help in increasing knowledge and awareness. Similarly, Pr. CCA Mumbai tries its best to provide the facility of library which helps a good deal in spreading knowledge and education.Our staff can read a large number of books with different languages and with no cost. It is a fit place for close and careful study.