Major functions of the CCA office can be broadly classified in to the following categories:

1.         Non tax revenue collections:

            Collection of license fees and spectrum charges from fixed and mobile service providers, review and maintain their bank guarantees to ensure performance as prescribed in License Agreement.

2.         Revenue Assessment:

            Assessment of License fee, Spectrum Usages Charges, and verification of deductions claimed by the Telecom Service providers and Internet Service providers to arrive at the AGR.

3.         Pay and Accounts office:

                This office acts as the Pay and Accounts Office in respect of 5 DOT Units:

                  a) Office of Sr. DDG telecom, LSA, Mumbai.

                  b) International Wireless Monitoring Station (IWMS) Gorai Borivali, Mumbai,

                  c) Regional Monitoring Headquarters (Western Region)  (WRM(HQ)) Gorai Borivali, Mumbai,

                  d) Regional Licensing Office (RLO) Mumbai, &

                  e) Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC)  Mumbai.

        CCA Office is also conducting Internal Audit inspections of these offices.


4.         Accounting Functions:

            Settlement of GPF account of employees working in DoT and MTNL, forwarding of inter circle GPF transfer cases, maintenance of GPF Loans and advances broadsheets, accounting adjustments between DOT and MTNL watching of receipt of Leave salary and Pension contribution.

5.         Legal Functions:

            Office of the Pr. CCA represents Department of Telecommunication in all legal cases at Mumbai. Necessary legal representation as required by DoT New Delhi in cases pertaining to Hon’ble High Court / Central Administrative Tribunal and any other court is being provided by this office in consultation with the Law Ministry’s Office.

6.         Settlement and payment of Pensionary benefits:

            Settlement of Pension cases and payment of Pensionary benefits like Pension, DCRG and commuted value of Pension etc. to the employees  of  MTNL and DOT employees  is made by this office along with the settlement of GPF  final payment cases of MTNL employees and DOT employees. Pension Revision of VSNL, MTNL and DOT pensioners.


7.         Internal Audit:

             Being Pr. CCA office, this office is entrusted with responsibility of internal audit of 3 CCA offices of western zone i.e Gujrat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra & Goa.