Following events were organised jointly for O/o Pr.CCA Mumbai & CCA Maharashtra & Goa :

1. Annual Cultural & Sports Meet was organised in July 2018.

2. Independence Day was celebrated on 15.08.2018.

3. Hindi Diwas was organised 14.09.2018.

4. Vigilance Day was organised on 02.11.2018.

5. Republic Day was celebrated on 26.01.2019

6. Program for Voters' Awareness was conducted on 26.04.2019. In this a quiz was conducted to make employees aware of the democratic system of the country and were motivated to exercise their voting rights. 

7. 5th International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21.06.2019. 

Plantation drive conducted jointly by the O/o CCA Mumbai and O/o CCA Maharashtra at CTO Building, Fort, Mumbai on 01.08.2019.