Introduction of Sub Office, CCA UP (E), Varanasi

1- Sub office, Varanasi of CCA UP(East) is functioning from 27.08.2018 on pilot basis and has been made functional on full-fledged basis after inauguration by Hon'ble PM of India on 29.12.2018.

2- The Main purpose of opening the Sub office was to serve the existing pensioners/ would be pensioners of the following SSAs from nearby besides work of USO Inspection, Internal Audit of WMS, Assessment of ISPs, RTI, Legal cases etc. of the area was also given. Sub office caters to:
(i)Varanasi (ii) Allahabad (iii) Gorakhpur (iv) Azamgarh (v) Pratapgarh (vi) Mirzapur (vii)  Jaunpur (viii) Mau (ix) Ghazipur (x) Deoria (xi) Ballia.

3- The office is functioning in CTO Building, Varanasi Cantt. from 27.08.2018.

4- Detailed functions are carried out in the Sub office are:-

i) Checking and passing of pension cases, issuing of PPOs on monthly basis in r/o superannuation pension, VRS and all type of family pension.

ii) DCRG and Commutation payments through PFMS after sanction.

iii) One copy of PPO is sent to pension section of O/o CCA, UP(E), Lucknow for allotment of PPO, followed by PVA section entering the data of pensioners and allotting pensioners's code if not given through SAMPANN.

iv) All the pension cases, in which pensioners desire to draw the pension through Bank and provide required undertaking, are processed through CPMS W.E.F. 04.12.2018.

v) Inspections of USO schemes of the area are carried by this office.

vi) All correspondences relating to the court cases in r/o this office, are being dealt by this office through O/o CCA, UP(E), Lucknow.

vii) All correspondences relating to PG/RTI cases in r/o this office, are being dealt by this office through O/o CCA, UP(E), Lucknow.

viii) ISP LF Assessment is done by the Sub office for the Licensees of the area.

ix) Internal Audit of WMS (Gorakhpur) is done by Sub office.

x) Sub office also renders assistance to the WMO in committee functions at Gorakhpur WMS.

xi) Sub office holds pension adalats, digital pension adalats, DLC camps, Pensioners awareness camps, Digital Mela of Varanasi Smart City etc.