The CCA MP office is collecting Licence Fee from the Telecom Operators licensed under the Indian Telegraph Act 1885 for providing various telecom services in the Madhya Pradesh Service Area which includes the State of Madhya Pradesh.
          The terms & conditions of the licence prescribe the Gross Revenue, Adjusted Gross Revenue, percentage levy of licence fee payable etc. The licensee is permitted to make prescribed deductions from Gross Revenue and arrive at the Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR), on the basis of which Service Provider is required to work out the licence fee at the prescribed percentage basis and deposit it on self assessment basis, quarterly.
          The Licence Fee is therefore, important non-tax revenue of Government coming from both Public Sector Units and Private Service Providers.

The CCA MP office:-
(i) Collects Licence Fee from all UASL/ CMTS/ Basic/UL/ ISP  PMRT/ CMRT/ IP-II/ Commercial and Captive VSAT Service Providers in MP service area.
(ii) Does the verification of deductions claimed by the Service Providers holding UASL, CMTS, Basic, UL, and allows /disallows claims for deduction based on such verification, accordingly.
(iii) Assessment of Licence Fee payable decentralized licenses.
(iv) Maintenance of Financial Bank Guarantees & Performance Bank Guarantees as prescribed under the license, its periodical review for validity and amount.
(v) Accounting of the above Revenue and submission of periodical reports to DOT HQ.

          Office of CCA ensures that revenue of the government are correctly assessed w.r.t. Licence Fee and Spectrum usage charges and deposited into the Government account timely.

Licence Fee payment – Check List

  1. Due Dates for payment of Licence Fee: 


    For the quarter ending period

    Due dates

    I Quarter

    30th June

    15th July

    II Quarter

    30th September

    15th October

    III Quarter

    31st December

    15th January

    IV Provisional

    31st March Provisional

    25th March

    IV Final

    31st March

    15th April

  2.  Documents to accompany quarterly payments.  
     a. AGR statement – duly certified with an affidavit by a representative authorized by Board resolution and General Power of Attorney.                         b.  Challan in triplicate
  3.  Mode of payment: 
    Demand draft or pay order duly drawn in favour of ‘Accounts Officer (Cash), Office of the Controller of Communication Accounts, Madhya Pradesh Telecom Circle, Madhya Pradesh.
  4.  Short/delayed payment will attract penal interest as per terms of license.
SL.NO Name Of The Licensee Type Of License
1 Bharti Airtel Ltd. UL-AS-MP
3 Reliance Jio Infocomm Pvt. Ltd. UL-AS-MP
4 Vodafone Idea Ltd. UL-AS-MP
5 Webex UL-AS-MP
6 Tata Teleservices ltd. UASAL-DT-MP
7 Airline Internet Solutions Pvt ltd UL-ISP-B-MP
8 ACN Fibernet Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-B-MP
9 Anushree Digital Network Pvt Ltd UL-ISP-B-MP
10 Arjun Broadband Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-B-MP
11 Auspice Infratel Pvt Ltd. UL-ISP-B-MP
12 Galaxy Digitech India Pvt Ltd UL-ISP-B-MP
13 GIG Labh Earth Pvt. Ltd UL-ISP-B-MP
14 Khetan Cable Network Pvt Ltd UL-ISP-B-MP
15 Mahabal Net Service Provider Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-B-MP
16 Rajesh Patel net Service Pvt Ltd UL-ISP-B-MP
17 Sharplink Wireless Solution Pvt Ltd UL-ISP-B-MP
18 Skynet Broadband Pvt Ltd UL-ISP-B-MP
19 Winux Communication Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-B-MP
20 Winux Communication Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-B-RAJASTHAN
21 Onet Digital Networks Pvt Ltd UL-ISP-B-MP
23 Aironet Broadband Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-C (SSA)-MORENA
24 Aspire Broadband Pvt Ltd UL-ISP-C (SSA)-SIDHI
26 Fibernet Solutions OPC Pvt Ltd UL-ISP-C (SSA)-BHOPAL
27 Hybrid Internet Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-C (SSA)-MIZORAM (AIZWAL)
28 Padmesh Broadband Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-C (SSA)-BALAGHAT
29 PC Care Airway Infratel Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-C (SSA)-GWALIOR
30 Purenet Telecom India Pvt Ltd UL-ISP-C (SSA)-JABALPUR
31 Royfel Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-C (SSA)-JABALPUR
32 Streamax Broadband Services Pvt Ltd UL-ISP-C (SSA)-INDORE
33 Syntego Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-C (SSA)-INDORE
34 Uttam Infranet Pvt Ltd UL-ISP-C (SSA)-INDORE
35 VDCN Infotech Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-C (SSA)-CHHINDWARA
36 Winux Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-C (SSA)-KHANDWA
37 YNET Broadband Pvt. Ltd. UL-ISP-C (SSA)-MORENA
38 Zapaat fiber pvt. Ltd UL-ISP-C (SSA)-VIDISHA
39 Auspice Infratel Pvt Ltd UL-VNO-ISP-A-INDIA
40 Digiana Speed net Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-ISP-A-INDIA
41 Nyak Technologies Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-ISP-A-INDIA
42 EMT Communication Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-ISP-B-MP
43 Fibernet Solutions OPC Pvt Ltd UL-VNO-ISP-B-MP
44 Fibernet Solutions OPC Pvt Ltd UL-VNO-ISP-B-MAHARASHTRA
45 Fibernet Solutions OPC Pvt Ltd UL-VNO-ISP-B-MUMBAI
46 Golwar Communication Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-ISP-B-MP
47 Winux Communications Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-ISP-B-MP
48 Eextranet Internet Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-ISP-C-MANDLA
49 Onet Fiber (Jalgaon) Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-ISP-C-JALGAON
50 Speedpulse Digital Network Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-ISP-C-INDORE
51 TCA Networks Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-ISP-C-SATNA
52 Onet Digital Networks Pvt Ltd UL-VNO-AS-B-INDORE
53 Onet Fiber (Jalgaon) Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-AS-B-JALGAON
54 Winux Communication Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-AS-B-BHOPAL
55 Zip Infotainment Networks (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-AS-B-BHOPAL
56 Northern Coalfields - Amlohri project CMRTS-MP
57 Northern Coalfields - Jayant Project CMRTS-MP
58 Northern Coalfields - Nigahi Project CMRTS-MP
60 Walkover Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Audio Conferencing/Audiotex/Voice mail service-National
61 Intrado UL-VNO-Access Service-India
62 Plintron India Pvt. Ltd. UL-VNO-Access Service-India
63 Tata Communications Limited UL-VNO-Access Service-India
64 Veeno UL-VNO-Access Service-India