A) Revenue functions
1. Licence fee assessment /deduction verification/collection:

a. Licence Fee Collection: The Office of Controller of Communication Accounts (CCA) Madhya Pradesh is responsible for collection of licence fee from all licensees of various telecom services viz. CMTS, UL, Basic, Unified Access Service, CMRTS, PMRTS services, Internet Service Providers (without Telephony), Internet Service Providers (with Telephony) and VNO.

b. Scrutiny of Documents & Verification of deductions: The office of CCA MP is responsible for scrutiny of documents submitted by the licensee like AGR statements, payment proofs and auditors report and confirm the deductions claimed by UASL, UL and CMTS operators.

c. Bank Guarantees: The office of CCA MP maintains Performance and Financial Bank Guarantees of above-mentioned licences. It ensures the validity, adequacy and action is taken for non-renewal and non-fulfilment of terms and conditions of respective Licence Agreements.

d. Assessment and calculation of licence fee: CCA MP office are doing this function for CMRTS, PMRTS, Internet Service Providers and VNO on the basis of Audited AGR and Annual Accounts and other financial statements submitted by the licensees.

e. Spectrum Charges: CCA MP office is entrusted with collection of spectrum charges in respect of GSM and CDMA service providers.

2. USO Disbursement

The USO Fund of India in the sector came into existence on 01.04.2002.
It designs, implements and funds schemes for provisioning telecom voice/non-voice data services to all areas and people in villages /remote localities where it may not be profitable and viability gap exists.
USOF fund being non-lapsable the disbursement from the funds and monitoring of schemes in the Madhya Pradesh Service Area is entrusted to the office of CCA MP.
hile performing the USO functions, the CCA MP office verify the claims before the funds are disbursed. As Designated Monitoring Authority physical inspection and monitoring is also done for establishing the veracity of claims made by universal service providers.  

B) Statutory Functions

1. Pension: The CCA MP office is responsible for budgeting of pension expenditure and authorization of retirement benefits on CDA and IDA pay scale, to DOT and BSNL retirees in its jurisdiction. The CCA MP office also conducts Pension Adalats at regular intervals to settle the pension related grievances at a single forum that was not hitherto available to pensioners.
2. Pension contribution and leave salary: The CCA MP office carry out the functions of collection, scrutiny and monitoring of the amounts to be received as pension contribution and leave salary from employees working in BSNL.

3. New pension scheme: Operation of New Pension Scheme with respect to employees joining government service w.e.f. 01.01.2004/later.

4. GPF & Long term loans: The CCA MP office is also responsible for maintenance for GPF, long term loans and advances and their recovery/accounting from BSNL.

5. Audit functions: The CCA MP Office does post audit on the disbursement made by the designated banks and post offices on account of the pension and allied benefits to the pensioners.

6. Functioning as CPIOs under RTI act, 2005: Officers in the office of CCA MP have been designated as Central Public Information Officers (CPIO) and Departmental Appellate Authorities (DAA) for ensuring smooth provisioning of information under the RTI Act 2005 for all matters being dealt to the extent within their jurisdiction.

7. PAO & DDO Functions: CCA MP office is the basic unit of departmentalized accounts organization and performs the PAO and DDO functions for field offices like TERM and WMS.


C) Administrative function

Apart from carrying out other administrative functions as the Head of the Departments (HOD), the CCAs also handle court cases at field level where the Government of India is a party in matters of licence fee, spectrum charges, pension, absorption issues etc.