Release of Retirement Benefits:

Pension and Retirement Benefits: Consequent on the corporatisation of the service providing arm of the Department of Telecom and the promulgation of Rule 37A of the CCS Pension Rules, as per which the Government has taken the responsibility for payment of pension to the erstwhile government servants absorbed in the PSU, the CCA Office is responsible for budgeting of pension expenditure and authorization and issue of Pension Payment Orders for Telecom pensioners including those retiring from MTNL and BSNL. It liaisons with banks to ensure proper application of rules and regulations and for smooth disbursement of pensions.

The CCA Office also carries out post audit/post check of pension payments. The pension cases and other retirement cases are processed by the SSAs of the field units in BSNL and sent directly to the CCA Offices. The CCA Office issues PPOs and the authorities for DCRG, Commutation payment, family pension authority, authority for payment of the accumulation CGEGIS – 1980, CGEGIS – 1977, to those on deemed deputation to the BSNL and also for those who opt to get absorbed in BSNL.

Know your Retirement Benefits (BSNL Retirees)


Pension is admissible to permanent employees who retire with a qualifying service of not less than ten years. Temporary employees who retire on superannuation or invalidation after rendering not less than ten years of service or retire voluntarily after 20 years continuous service are also eligible for pension.

Emoluments for Pension
The emoluments for the purpose of all pensionary benefits (other than gratuity) shall be equal to Basic Pay plus Dearness Pay (whenever applicable).

Amount of Pension
Amount of pension is related to the length of qualifying service and average of ‘emoluments’ drawn during ten months immediately preceding the date of retirement or Last Pay Drawn, whichever is higher. W.e.f. 2-9-2008, full pension is admissible to an employee with qualifying service of not less than twenty years instead of 33 years. The amount of pension will be 50 % of the average emoluments or Last Pay Drawn, whichever is higher. Employees having lesser qualifying service (but not less than ten years) will get pension proportionate to the amount admissible for qualifying service of twenty years/33 years as the case may be.

Last Pay Drawn = Rs. 12,975.
Qualifying service = 19 years.
Pension admissible:
50% of Last Pay Drawn: Rs. 12,975 = Rs 6,487.50

Minimum Pension:
The minimum pension shall be 50% of the minimum of the pay scale in which retired.

Retirement/Death Gratuity:

(a) Retirement Gratuity is admissible to all employees who retire after completion of 5 years of qualifying service at the rate of ‘one-fourth of emoluments for each completed six monthly period of qualifying service subject to maximum of 16.5 times' the emoluments.

Emoluments for Gratuity:
Emoluments for the purpose of all types of gratuities shall be equal to Basic Pay plus Dearness Pay(wherever applicable) plus IDA (as applicable).

Maximum amount of Gratuity:
W.e.f. 1.1.2016, the maximum amount of gratuity has been raised to 20 lacs from 10 lacs.

Qualifying service = 32 1/2 years or 65 six monthly periods.
Emoluments = Rs. 18150
Gratuity = 18150 x 1/4 x 65 = 294937.50 = Rs. 2,94,938 (rounded off)

(b) Death Gratuity is paid to the family of a Govt. servant who dies while in service, at the rates given below:
Length of qualifying service
Rate of death gratuity

(i) Less than 1 year = 2 times of emoluments.

(ii) One year or more but less than 5 years = 6 times of emoluments.

(iii) 5 years or more but less than 20 years = 12 times of emoluments.

(iv) 20 years or more = Half of emoluments for every completed six-monthly period of qualifying service subject to a maximum of 33 times of emoluments.

Family Pension

Family pension is payable to the family of an employee/pensioner on his death in service/after retirement.

Normal family pension: 
The monthly family pension is based on the Basic Pay plus Dearness Pay(wherever applicable) drawn on the date of death or on the date of retirement, as the case may be, and is admissible at a uniform rate of 30% of pay last drawn.

1. Details of pension cases settled in the month in below format
List of pension cases settled during (month)(year)
SL.NO PPO No Name Designation Unit Date of Retirment / Death Sanction Date Type of case
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2. Details of Transfer in/Transfer out cases in the month
Tranfer in Cases of PPO`s settled during (month)(year)
SL.NO Pensioner Name/Designation/PPO No Received From Endorsed To Date of Despatch
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3. Details of Pension Revision Cases
Pension Revision cases settled during (Status as on dd-mm-yyyy)
SL.NO Name PPO NO DOR/DOD Designation SSA Date of Despatch
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