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It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the website dedicated to this office.

CCA NE-1 is a field unit of Department of Telecommunication (DoT) located in the picturesque city of Shillong. We discharge various functions of DoT in the states of Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram. The office commenced its journey 1st October 2000 as the humble DoT Cell and has matured into an organization involved in diverse set of activities.

Collection and accounting of Telecommunication License Fee and Spectrum Charges, defending departmental interests in various legal forums, discharging Pay and Accounts Office (PAO) and Internal Audit functions for other DoT field units are just some of the functions performed by this office.

More importantly, the CCA NE-1 touches lives of thousands of people living in rural and remote areas of these three states. As designated monitoring authority (DMA) for monitoring implementation, releasing subsidy and assessing impact of schemes funded by the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) we try to ensure that the fruits of telecommunication revolution reaches Citizens living in remotest areas. As nodal office for promoting digital transactions in Smart Cities we play an important role in the Digital Mission project of the Government.

As an organization born in the current millennium, harnessing the power of information technology has always been a key focus area. This has not only enabled us to discharge our multifarious functions with skeletal work force but has also enabled us to provide better service. Implementation of comprehensive pension management software called “SAMPANN” is the latest initiative in this area. It covers all activities relating to pension – starting from filling up of pension forms to disbursement of pension. By crediting pension directly to the pensioners’ account it succeeds in eliminating third party delays and improves pensioner satisfaction.

The office is also aware of its responsibility to society and environment. Waste paper generated in the office is handed over to a non-profit charitable organization for recycling. It uses the sale proceed of the recycled hand-made paper for benefit of persons with special needs and rural citizens requiring financial assistance. We have also taken up the responsibility of beautification and maintenance of two traffic islands inside Shillong City.

Whether we have succeeded in our endeavors can only be decided by you. So, your feedback on existing services and suggestions for introducing new services will be of immense value for overcoming our weaknesses and playing a more vibrant role. Please feel free to send your comments and suggestions to .