LF Collection (Bihar Circle)

Licence Fees :

Licence Fees CCA offices as initially DoT Cells were created on 01-10-2000 with the expansion of the range of functions delegated to the DoT Cells, the nomenclature was changed to the Office of Controller of Communications Accounts, as filed unit of DoT. The Collection of Statutory levies in telecom sector like license fee and spectrum charges from the telecom service providers under section IV of Indian Telegraph Act, 1985 for providing various telecom services in the Bihar Service Area with effect from January, 2004.

The terms and conditions of the license prescribe the Gross Revenue, Adjusted Gross Revenue, Percentage levy of license fee payable etc. The licensee is permitted deductions from Gross Revenue and Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) is arrived, on the basis of which service provider is required to pay the license fee at the prescribed percentage basis and deposit it on self assessment basis, quarterly.

The CCA, Bihar Circle assess the SUC of TSPs of Bihar LSA on quantity basis the following activities for collection and assessment of Spectrum Usages charge are performed:-

  •   Collection of license Fee from all service providers viz UASL/CMTS/Basic/UL/ISP & ISP-ITs
  •   Carry out the verification of deduction claimed by the service providers holding UASL, CMTS, Basic, UL, and allow/disallow claims for deduction based on such verification.
  •   Assessment of License Fee payable with respect to decentralized licenses.
  •   Being custodian of Financial Bank Guarantees & performance Bank Grantees as prescribed under the license, their periodical review for validity and amount. It serves as securitization of telecom dues to the Government.
  •   Encashment of Bank Guarantee if licensing conditions are not fulfilled by the TSPs.
  •   Submission of periodical reports of Revenue collection to DoT(HQ)& updating of GR, AGR, Revenue collection in LF/WPF Software.

In addition to above, the Office of CCA is to ensure that dues of Government are correctly assessed with respect to license fee and deposited in the government account within the prescribed time period.

In furtherance to above, work relating to collection of penalties levied for subscribers non verifications & non-compliance of instruction of EMF radiation norms on Telecom service providers by TERM Cell and reconciliation thereafter with TERM cell has been entrusted to CCA office.

The details of telecom operators providing telecom services in Bihar Service Area are summarized below:

Details of the Operators
Sl. No. Operator (M/s) Category of License Service Area Prescribed percentage of License Fee.
01 BSNL(Basic & CMTS), Bihar Basic/CMTS Bihar 8%
02 BSNL(Basic & CMTS), Jharkhand Basic/CMTS Bihar 8%
03 Idea Cellular Ltd, UASL Bihar 8%
04 Reliance Telecom Ltd. CMTS Bihar 8%
05 Reliance Comm. Ltd. CDMA Bihar 8%
06 Videocon Telecom. Ltd., UASL Bihar 8%
07 Reliance Jio infocom Ltd., UL Bihar 8%
08 Vodafone Mobile Service Ltd., UASL Bihar 8%
License Fee Payment
1.   Due Dates for payment of License Fee
Sl. No. Period For the Quarter ending period Due Dates Last date of submission of documents
in support of deduction claim
01 I Quarter 30th June 15th July 15th September
02 II Quarter 30th September 15th October 15th December
03 III Quarter 31th December 15th January 15th March
04 IV Quarter Provisional 31th March Provisional 25th March 15th June
Holiday will not result in date of payment being extended beyond the 15th
1.   Documents to accompany quarterly payments

*   AGR Statement- Duly certified with an affidavit by representative authorized by Board resolution and General Power of Attorney.
*   Challan in triplicate.

2.   Short/delayed payment will attract penal interest as per terms of the license.
3.   Gross Revenue(GR):

The Gross Revenue shall be inclusive of installation charges, late fees, sale proceeds of handsets, revenue on account of interest, dividend, value added services, supplementary services, access of interconnection charges, roaming charges, revenue from permissible sharing of infrastructure and any other miscellaneous revenue, without any set-off for related item of expense etc.

4.   Adjusted Gross Revenue(AGR):

For the purpose of arriving at the AGR, following shall be excluded from the Gross Revenue to arrive at the AGR:

*   PSTN/PLMN/GMPCS related call charges actually paid to other eligible/entitled telecommunication service providers within India.
*   Roaming revenues actually passed on to other eligible/entitled telecommunication service providers and
*   Service Tax on provision of service and Sales Tax actually paid to the Government if gross revenue had included as component of Sales Tax and Service Tax.

Collection of License Fee During Last Three years
Sl. No. Name of Licensees License Fee Collected
2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
01 BSNL Bihar (Basic) 14238763 0 0
02 BSNL Bihar (CMTS) 34298516 0 0
03 BSNL Jharkhand (Basic) 26601041 0 0
04 BSNL Jharkhand (CMTS) 14562407 0 0
05 Idea 152938755 0 0
06 Vodafone 125760560 0 0
07 RTL 102724 1000000 1000000
08 RCL 0 7806403 1379500
09 Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd., 2292868764 3284580706 98530309
10 Vodafone Idea 358404433 236196259 98530309
  Total 3019775963 3529583368 4518381320
11 Fast Net 466602 704180 766953
12 S K Communication 34367 62200 78000
13 Siddiqui Global 96550 92314 117667
14 ACME 419747 629357 435536
15 Speed Net 21120 11461 0
16 Shikhar Broad Band 267850 557611 799454
17 Jasnet 43564 133737 385701
18 Hostaxis Network 453364 190752 66695
19 Sai Technic Pvt Ltd 92300 39650 71900
20 Airtechzone 188481 145811 54000
21 Surftelecom 445265 502963 500593
22 Reliance Jio PMRTS 5000 5000 5000
23 Cybernet Infotech 0 100000 0
24 Infinite Technolozy 0 58728 150855
25 Comex Computer 125855 122825 97623
26 Cyber Net 0 195000 0
27 Max Tech Media 50000 36500 26016
28 Big Data 0 13102 208712
29 Nageshwar Wireles 10888 26483 45075
30 Raj Net 0 0 4826
31 Dream Plus 457663 0 0
32 AD-Pay 1910 0 0
Total  3180526 3627674 3814606
Verification of deductions claims

CCA, Bihar Circle, does the verification of deduction claimed by the service providers holding UASL, CMTS, Basic, Unified Licenses after allowing admissible deductions i.e. PSTN Charges, Roaming Charges, Service Tax, Sales Tax, claimed in the audited quarterly AGR are verified with the vouchers such as invoice/debit-credit notes, bank statements and other proof of payments. The deduction such as leased line and port charges, charges for infrastructure sharing, Bad debt, Emergency calls have not been allowed for deductions. 
The status of completion of verification of deductions conducted in Bihar Circle is as follows:

Sl. No. Name of Licensees Year upto which deductions/verifications completed
01 BSNL (Bihar) 2019-20
02 BSNL (Jharkhand) 2019-20
03 Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd., 2019-20
04 Idea 2018-19
05 RTL 2017-18
06 RCL 2019-20
07 Vodafone 2018-19
08 Vodafone Idea Ltd 2019-20



Assessment of Spectrum Usage Charges


The Assessment of Spectrum Usages charges has been decentralized by DoT HQ vide letter No.1000-56/2004-WFD dated 6th February, 2013.

The status of completion of verification of deductions conducted in Bihar Circle is as follows:


Sl. No. Name of Licensees Year upto which assessment of Spectrum Usages Charges completed
01 BSNL (Bihar) 2020-21
02 BSNL (Jharkhand) 2020-21
03 Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd., 2020-21 (based on unaudited)
04 Idea 2018-19
05 RTL 2017-18
06 RCL 2020-21 (based on unaudited)
07 Vodafone 2018-19
08 Vodafone Idea Ltd 2020-21 (based on unaudited)
Internet Service Providers

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) Policy was announced in November, 1998. The licensee shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the License Agreement as well as by such orders/directions/regulations of the TRAI Act, 1997 as amended from time to time and instructions as are issued by the Licensor/TRAI.

List of the Internet Service Providers including Internet Telephony for Bihar Circle is as under:

Sl. No. Name of ISPs With Address Category of License Service Service Area License No. & Date of License Business starting from
01 M/s Dream Plus Multi Service Pvt. Ltd. c/O Paris Pair Health Club 1st Floor, Jamal Road, Patna-1 ISP-IT ISP IT(Cat-B) Patna Bihar 820-1101/10-LR Dated 28.09.2010 01.10.2010
02 M/s Xtreme Broadband India (P) Ltd., 3rd Floor, kuber plaza chitrawani roand, purnia, bihar-854301 Unified License ISP, Category -C Katihar SSA in Bihar 821-229/2014-DS DATED 09.02.2015 01.03.2015
03 M/s Nageshwar Wireless techonolgy Pvt. Ltd., Haziapur Road, Infront of Ramjanki Mandir, Ward No-11, Gopalganj-8414828 Unified License ISP, Category -C Chhapra SSA in Bihar 821-234/2014-DS Dated 11.03.2015 01.04.2015
04 M/s Fastnet Communication Pvt. Ltd., H.No-1, Road No.8, Teacher Colony, Kumhrar, P.O. Bahadurpur Housing Colony, P.S. Agamkuan, Patna, Bihar-800026. Unified License ISP, Category -C Patna SSA in Bihar 821-204/2014-DS Dated 13.04.2015 01.07.2015
05 M/s ACME Diginet Corporation Pvt. Ltd.4th Floor, shyam centre exhibition road, patna-800001, ISP Cat- C Unified License ISP, Category -B Bihar 821-305/2015-DS, Dated 09.12.2015 25.12.2015
06 M/s Max Tech Media and Communication Pvt. Ltd.,s-7&8, 2nd Floor, P. Mall, B-Block, Exhibition Road, Patna-800001 Unified License ISP, Category -B Bihar 821-211/2014-DS dated 30.09.2016 25.11.2016
07 M/s Comex Computer Pvt. Ltd, ISP, Category -C, H/o Late Bharat Prasad, Bharat Prasad Lane, Ganga Singh College Road, Moh. Salempur, Dist Chapra(Saran), Chapra-841301 Unified License ISP, Category -C Chhapra SSA in Bihar DS-11/196/2016-DS-III DATED 22.11.2016 01.04.2017
08 M/s Shikhar Boradband Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., shop no -2, Hem Plaza, Frazer Road, Patna-800001 Unified License ISP, Category -B Bihar DS-11/36/2017-DS-III, dated 27.06.2017 01.07.2017
09 M/s Hostais Network (P) Ltd. Sahu Colony, Near R.N. College Chauraha Bharat Raut, Chhipi Tola, Hajipur-844101 Unified License ISP, Category -B Bihar DS-11/21/2016-DS-III Dated 17.08.2016 01.08.2017
10 M/s SAI Technix Private Ltd., Binod Kumar Singh, C/47, Patrakar Nagar, Kankar Bagh, Patna-800020 Unified License ISP, Category -C Patna SSA in Bihar DS-II/288/2016-DS-III, Dated 29.05.2017 15.08.2017
11 M/s Ortal Electro ISP Pvt. Ltd.,sri Narayan Market, Near G.D. Mother school, Akharghat road, Muzaffarpur-842001, Unified License ISP, Category -C Muzzaffarpur SSA in Bihar DS-11/80/2015-DS-III DATED 20.07.2016  
12 Seddique Global Service Pvt. Ltd., White house compound, road no 5, near District Judge kothi, gaya-823001, Bihar Unified License ISP, Category -B Bihar DS-11/221/2016-DS-III DATED 15.12.2016  
13 M/s Speed Net Communication Pvt. Ltd., Tumaria Tola, Ward No-5, Raxual, Bihar -845305 Unified License ISP, Category -C Motihari SSA in Bihar DS-11/327/2016-DS-III, DATED 31.05.2017  
14 M/s Adpay Mobile Payment India Private Limited ULVNO(ISP-A, PMRTS,NLD,VSAT,INSATE MSS-R) ULVNO-(ISP-A,PMRTS, NLD,VSAT,INSATE MSS-R) All service Area. 20-521/2016 dt 7.12.2016  
15 M/s S.K. Communication, T-85, Khaitan Super Market, Dariya Pur, Patna-800004 Unified Licese (VNO) Access Service Cat-B Bihar 20-687/2017 AS-1 Dated 29th May 17 & 20-1099/2019-AS-I dt 11.07.2019  
16 M/s Surftelecom Pvt Ltd, Espee IT Park, erd Floor No.05, Jawahar Lal Nehru Road, Ekkaduthangal, Chennai Unified License(VNO) Access service, ISP Unified License(VNO) Access Service, ISP All service Area 20-536/2016-AS.I dated 11.05.2017  
17 M/s Airtechzone Service India Pvt. Ltd, 2nd Floor, Kuber Plaza, cittara wani Road, Purnea, Bihar- 854301 UL-ISP Cat-C UL-ISP, Cat-C Bihar 05-11/199/2017-DS.III dt 30.10.2017  
18 M/s Cybernet Introtech Pvt Ltd, 5th Floor, Neelam Complex, Harisabha Road, Ward-35, PO-Ramna, Muzaffarpur-842002 UL-ISP, Cat-C UL-ISP, Cat-C Bihar DS-11/358/2017-DS.III dt. 03.10.2017  
19 M/s Jasnet Networks Pvt Ltd, 303, R K Niwas, Gola road more, Rupaspur, Danapur Near Ishan International Girls School, Bailey Road, Patna 801503 UL VNO, ISP Cat B UL VNO, ISP Cat B Bihar DS-11/352/2017-DS-III dated 25.01.2018  
20 M/s Infinet Networks Pvt. Ltd, Ist Floor, Shop No.102,103, New Model Complex, Opp Muslim High School, Tatarpur, Bhagalpur 812002 UL VNO, ISP Cat B UL VNO, ISP Cat B Bhagalpur, Bihar DS-11/429/2017/DS.III dt 10.04.;2018  
21 M/s Consam Telecoms Pvt Ltd, NH-57, Mauzaidgaah/Sirsiya Raniganj, AAraria, FOrbishganj, Araraia 854318 UL VNO, ISP Cat B UL VNO, ISP Cat B Bihar DS-11/120/2018-DS.III Dt 20.02.2019  
22 M/s Maury Boardband Marketing Pvt Ltd, C/o Madanjeet Kumar, Pramanand Path, Nageshwar Colony, Boring Road, Patna - 800001 UL-VNO, Acces Service B UL VNO, Access Service B Patna Bihar 20-1028/2019-AS.I dt. 20.02.2019  
23 M/s Digiscope Network Pvt Ltd, Word No.23, Krishna Nagar, Batraha, Saharsa-852201 UL, ISP-C UL, ISP-C Bhagalpur, Bihar DS-11/444/2018-DS.III dt. 04.06.2019  
24 M/s Big Data Broadband Pvt Ltd, Near Bank of Maharashtra, Priywarat Path, New Area, Aurangabad, 824101, Bihar UL VNO, ISP B UL VNO, ISP-B Bihar BOM/BG/1614/2020-21/01  
25 M/s Viewnet Infrastructure & Telecommunication Pvt Ltd , G-10, Vijay Aman Apartment, Near Tiwary Benchar, Main Road, Kankarbagh, Patna 800020 ISP, IT ISP, IT Patna Bihar 820-1091/10-IR22/07/2010  
26 M/s Nextel Wireless Pvt Ltd, Sonawati Colony, Dumra Road, Mahsulufr Rampur, Lachmi, Sitamarhi, Bihar 843302 UL VNO, ISP Cat C UL VNO, ISP Cat C Muzaffarpur, Bihar DS-II/143/2019-III  
27 M/s Malachandra Broadband Service Pvt Ltd, New Colony Balughat, Road No.2, Near Chocolate Factory, Muzaffarpur 842001 UL ISP, Cat-C UL ISP, Cat-C Muzaffarpur, Bihar DS-II/194/2019-III  
28 M/s Maury Broadband Pvt Ltd, Parmanand Path, Nageshwar Colony, Boring Road, Patna-800001 UL-VNO UL-VNO Patna Bihar 20-128/2019  
29 M/s Cinfogen Pvt Ltd, House No-43/1, Gali No.2, Taghunath Tola, Anishabad, Patna 800001 UL-ISP C UL-ISP C Patna Bihar DS.II/51/2019-III  
30 M/s Rajnet CAre Pvt Ltd, Budhijiwi Colony Road No.9, Near 70 feet, Anisabad Patna- 800001 UL VNO, ISP Cat-C UL VNO, ISP Cat-C Patna Bihar DS-II/31/2020-DS-III  
31 M/s Sai Texnic Pvt Ltd, C-47, Hanuman Nagar, Kankarbagh, Patna-20 UL VNO, ISP Cat-C UL VNO, ISP Cat-C Patna Bihar D-II/2028/2016-DS.III  
Assessment and Collection of License Fee in respect of ISPs:

The work relating to assessment and collection of License fee in respect of ISPs was decentralized CCA offices vide DoT HQ. O.M. No.1-6(2001)/LF (Vol.II) dated 24-09-2008 effective from financial year 2008-09. Consequent upon amendment with respect to license agreement, a uniform License Fee at the rate of 8% of AGR is payable by the ISP-IT Licensee for the year 2013-14 onwards.

Following documents are required to be submitted by all ISP and ISP-IT Licensee for Assessment of License Fee payable for any particular year.

*   Audited Revenue and License Fee statement (AGR Statement) for each quarter separately for the said year. 
*   Audited Reconciliation statement reconciling the difference of Revenue between the figures of Gross Revenue depicted in the profit and Loss account and audited statement of Revenue and license fee for the said year.
*   Audited profit and Loss account and audited Balance sheets alongwith schedule for the said year.
*   Annual Report for the company for the said year
*   Details of LF paid for each quarter during the said year
*   Details of the service tax, sales tax billed, collection and paid to the Government.

Adjusted Gross Revenue:

The Gross Revenue shall be inclusive of internet service, internet content service, Telephony Service, Installation charges, late fees, Sale proceeds of terminal equipments, revenue of account of internet, dividend, value added service, supplementary service, revenue from permissible sharing of infrastructure and any other misc. revenue, without any set off for related items of expense etc.

For the purpose the arriving at the "Adjusted Gross Revenue" following shall be excluded from the Gross Revenue to arrive at the AGR.

i   Charges from internet access, internet content and internet access related installation charges.
ii   Service tax on provision of service and sales tax actually paid to the Government if gross revenue had included as component of sales tax and service tax.

SL.NO Name Of The Licensee Type Of License