In the modern era of communications, change in telecom scenario in last two decades is revolutionary. Access to various telecommunication services like telephone, internet, mobile, 3G and other ICT services at an affordable price has changed the life completely. The whole world has virtually been transformed into a global village and the whole society into an enlightened society. This office performs payment of Retirement benefits to BSNL / DoT retirees, Universal Service Obligation subsidy disbursement to telecom operators, Collection of License Fee, verification of deduction of LF and Spectrum Charges Collection & assessment from different Telecom service providers etc. So, it is logical to interact with all concerned in general and our pensioners in particular. There is an ever increasing need to get known more and more to the people for whom we perform. Hence, this website contains as up to date and concise information about the role of this office. Further, launching of Website is an earnest effort of this office towards fulfilling the basic objectives of democracy, Right to Information etc. I am sure that browsing through this website shall be of great help. Sincere efforts have been made to furnish all the important information briefly but omissions and mistakes can not be ruled out and as such your valuable suggestions are always welcome for further improvement.

(Shahnawaz Alam)