Pension Adalat are held at regular interval in the office of Controller Communication  Accounts, Uttarakhand. They act as an interface between the pensioners and pension authorizing  authority. It helps in educating the pensioners about the new initiatives taken by the  government and also provides some learning experience to the CCA office apart from settling the  grievances of the pensioners.

As a normal practice "Pension Adalat" is being conducted by giving newspaper  publicity and holding Adalat for entire Uttarakhand circle at one place. However, it involved  travelling on part of pensioners (Senior Citizens) in the hilly areas which is difficult for old persons and resultant expenditure at their end.  Moreover, there was no feedback from other pensioners who remained unaware.

The concept of "Pension Adalat Outreach" was tried for the first time in Nainital of Uttarakhand. This SSA has 100+ pensioners. A SSA wise sorted list of pensioner was used to  issue through individual letters to pensioner. The Adalat in turn was held in District/SSA where  letters have been issued. The pensioners were very happy because of the individual attention  given and appreciated that Department reached out to them rather than they approaching the  Department.

It was observed that:

  1. Target Population is directly addressed.
  2. Individual letters (Individually signed) to pensioners have led to good response.
  3. Returned letters give first hand feedback of incorrect address and immediate action is started.
  1. Pensioners do not have to travel long distances and Adalat is conducted at the place  (SSA/City) of their residence.
  2. Pensioners are able to settle their issues in the Adalat.
  3. Increased satisfaction, as time available per pensioner ismore.
  4. The case files are available in same SSA where Adalat is being held.
  5. BSNL/PO/BANK representatives were also be called to attend Adalat and settle petty issues of  Pensioners.
  6. Other information like Aadhar No., Mobile number o