1. Kindly click here to view the video report of VAW 2021.

2. Kind attention of SAMPANN Pensioners:

For any assistance in pension cases, queries about conversion to family pension or any other issues pertaining to retirement benefits, Please click here.

Please spread the above message to fellow DOT/BSNL pensioners and their families for maximum benefit of all.

3.All pensioners of Gujarat Telecom Region have to submit life certificate/ digital life certificate when there certificate expires. For further  information on how to obtain an LC/DLC please click here. For video guidance please click here. In this regard Controller of Communication Accounts, Gujarat has also written a DO letter to CGM BSNL.

4. SAMPANN (System for Accounting and Management of Pension) inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister on 29th December, 2018 in Varanasi. The application developed by DOT and CGCA (Controller General of Communication Accounts) makes CCA offices Pension Disbursement Authority (PDA) along with Pension Sanctioning and Authorization Authority.


 SAMPANN Inaugural video