Pension –  Consequent on the corporatization of the service providing arm of the Department of Telecom and the promulgation of Rule 37A of the CCS Pension Rules, as per which the Government has taken the responsibility for payment of pension to the erstwhile government servants absorbed in the PSU, the O/o Pr.CCA is responsible for budgeting of pension expenditure and authorization and issue of Pension Payment Orders for Telecom pensioners including those retiring from MTNL/ BSNL. This Office liaison with banks and post offices to ensure proper application of rates and regulations and for smooth disbursement of pensions. After settlement of pension, while implementing the DoP&PW and DoT order as issued time to time, the pension in eligible cases is revised accordingly and the revised PPOs are issued by this unit in co-ordination with the pension sanctioning authorities. This unit also carries out post audit/post check of pension payment either with the Pension Vouching Software, an application software approved by DoT HQ and/or manually.

 SAMPANN, a comprehensive pension management software has been implemented to telecom department on 29.12.2018 to facilitate pensioners of the telecom department as well as BSNL pensioners. SAMPANN, the acronym for System for Accounting and Management of Pension will also help the retiring employees  in timely disbursement of pensions on the last day of the month following his retirement.  With the beginning of SAMPANN this office has also taken up the role of Pension Disbursement Authority.

Pension Contribution –  Under Rule 37 A of the CCS (Pension) Rules the govt. will make arrangements for the collection of Pension Contribution from the BSNL for the period of service the employees render in the BSNL.  This will apply not only to those officers who are working on deemed deputation basis in the corporation but also to those employees who opt to get absorbed in the corporation.  This Office undertakes collection and employee-wise scrutiny and monitoring of amounts received on this account from the corporation.